About Soula

Founder of Rainbow Funerals

Soula Tsicaderis is the Founder of Rainbow Funerals and is a highly experienced Funeral Director.  

Soula’s career background initially began in the legal/medical field, however further on in her career, Soula found another path in the holistic realm.  She studied meditation and holistic therapy, graduating as a holistic therapist, and has assisted countless individuals attain a more positive outlook in life by creating harmony for themselves. 

The nurturing nature within Soula took her one step further, to her ultimate passion, to become a Funeral Director.  She has been extensively trained within the funeral industry, in her own words, “by the best mentor she could have asked for”.  A mentor, to whom she is eternally grateful to.  

The constrictions of working within the corporate structure of the funeral industry, meant that there were limitations on what she could achieve in working with the bereaved.  Her creative mind wondered to many places, wanting to individualise each funeral service, as her philosophy is that “Everyone is a Special and Unique Individual”.  

Soula decided in order to achieve her dream, she had to open her own business as an independent funeral service provider.  Through this, she has been able to realise her dream to provide traditional, personal/custom individual funerals, with a modern outlook for all persons, whilst respecting the cultural funeral services, to which Soula has a vast knowledge and background in.

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